These Are the Most Expensive Cities to Live in India

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It should come as no surprise that India’s financial and entertainment capital is also the country’s most expensive city to live in. With the sea covering three sides of the city and leaving little room to breathe, Mumbai has had to grow vertically, leading to higher demand and much higher density of people. According to some estimates, the Indian city is more expensive to live in than Frankfurt or Seattle. Mumbai has jumped up 25 places in this year’s Mercer Cost of Living Survey, coming in as the 57th most expensive city in the world.


The Indian capital is best known for its large open spaces, parks and cheap street food. However, in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of its satellite cities Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad, Delhi has seen its cost of living rise sharply. While Delhi came a distant second to Mumbai in the 2017 Mercer Rankings, at 99, it also recorded the steepest rise, moving up 31 places. According to cost-of-living calculator Expatistan, housing in Delhi could cost anywhere between Rs 16,999 and Rs 32,083, while a meal outside could vary between Rs 281 and Rs 465.

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