The Top Ten Travel Destinations

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Summer has landed and we’re dreaming of distant shores. Recently unveiled as the top ten places to visit this year by TripAdvisor, these dream destinations have been given the globetrotter’s seal of approval. Here’s how to work your way down the list, Emirates Woman style

10. Cape Town Central, South Africa

The epicentre of Cape Town is a pretty exciting place to be. An aerial view perfectly captures its pull – the domineering mountains that explode from its outskirts, constellations of diverse buildings, wide stretches of green, all offset by a glittering sea.

You’ll find it just as exciting at ground level. This is where Afro-chic cafes meet ulta-modern bars, and everything in between. The city won Design Capital last year – with the vibrant atmosphere, interesting architecture and abundant markets, it’s easy to see why. The real gem is its culinary scene, which boasts fine dining at rock bottom prices.

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