Luxury Vacation Trends for 2018

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For Immediate Release – January 8, 2018 – Jack Ezon, President, Ovation Vacations, recently released his annual travel trends report, “From the Front Line: Luxury Vacation Trends 2018,” a 50-page, year-end reflection on market and consumer observations, travel trends, opportunities and predictions for 2018.

“While this report has a strong focus on travel, it very much speaks to the luxury consumer. Even if you are not in the travel vertical, if you sell to the same consumer, the trends you will read will surely be applicable to you in one way or another,” says Ezon. “It’s up to you to draw the conclusions. One thing’s for sure: all of our vertical spaces in the world of luxury are colliding and the smart players will continue to seek brand partnerships to take advantage of this convergence.”

Ezon concludes his informative analysis with ten predictions for the new year:

1) Facebook and Instagram are going to start phasing out: What was once solely authentic expression is now becoming a channel for blatant marketing. While social media is not going away, Ezon states it may be time for a new vehicle that will be less intrusive.

2) Food, fitness and family: Ezon says these “F-factors” will continue to be the leading drivers of affluent travel decisions in 2018.

3) Destination celebrations: People will continue to hit the road as they seek to invest in memories over products. Ezon says we will see a 20% increase in celebratory events predicted for 2018.

4) Sophisticated multigen experiences: Ezon says the bar will continue to rise in the multigenerational market with an increasing number of far-flung experiences and a more elaborate approach to programming that will morph into mini-destination events.

5) Secondary destinations: Ezon predicts the trend toward secondary cities and more rural areas will continue into 2018. People are more open than ever to trying something new.

6) Airbnb: Despite fierce regional legal battles and a significant setback in New York, which could set precedence around the world, Ezon believes Airbnb will continue to grab market share from the luxury sector as it expands its upscale portfolio and adds relevant travel products like flights, tour guides and experiences, as well as concierge and housekeeping services to its offering.

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