9 of the best countries to visit in 2018

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The tiny country of Belize has one foot in Central America and the other in the Caribbean, is an English speaking democracy and is a vital component of both the Mesoamerican Reef System and the Maya Forest; widely recognised as the largest intact block of tropical broadleaf forest in Central America. These 2 extraordinary reef and rainforest environments located in such a small geographical area offer unique adventure and exploration opportunities.

Starting offshore enjoying the simple luxury of Caribbean island life while based in a luxury villa, the pace is relaxed, the cayes and atolls providing a picture perfect backdrop for exploring the mesmerising underwater world aboard a private dive boat. Day and night diving along the barrier reef, canyons, walls and marine sink holes of this unique ecosystem will inspire as brightly coloured hard and soft corals are encountered along with schools of iridescent reef and pelagic predators.

Internationally renowned NGO scientists are on hand to offer unique insight and access while revealing the secrets of this enthralling sub-aqua world, while also offering the chance to take part in an internationally significant marine mega-fauna survey, and observe the endangered West Indian Manatee in remote lagoons. Leaving the reef behind, the journey heads west into the Maya Mountain Massif, the wild and rugged heart of Belize. The private helicopter flight will fly low over the iridescent patch reefs before reaching the coast and rapidly rising over Victoria Peak and the Maya Mountain Divide. Landing deep in the jungle, the quest begins with an exploration of the magnificent Maya site at Caracol, one of the region’s most important and impressive Maya sites. Discovering the Maya Mountain Massif is best done with a combination of 4×4 and horse back accompanied by rangers from a partner NGO, who co-manage the Chiquibul Forest while staying in a world-class lodge. The final immersive experience takes guests to a remote river for an unforgettable rainforest adventure. Inflatable kayaks and uniquely comfortable expedition camps allow guests to explore this unique habitat to the full. With luck and a keen eye, a wide range of wildlife including the endangered Baird’s tapir and Scarlet macaw.

With significant increases in both land and cruise ship tourism in 2017, as well as more direct flights from North America, visitor numbers are set to continue increasing. For such a small and unique country, with distinct local pressures impacting both the pristine marine and interior environments, we urge those who have the means and desire to travel there to do so in 2018. For an experience of genuine adventure, combined with the ability to explore and discover areas few people have ever visited, let alone enjoyed in such unique ways, Belize is a truly unique and special destination.

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