8 Reasons Why Playing Guitar Is Good for Your Mental Health

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“Learning to play the guitar can have an enormously positive effect on your self-esteem and confidence.”

As part of the ongoing Mental Illness Awareness Week, the folks from Music Radar have presented a list of eight reasons why playing guitar is good for one’s mental health. You can check out the highlights below, visit the source for the whole piece.

1. Playing guitar is a form of therapy

“The benefits of music therapy are becoming ever more apparent, with schools, charities and health organizations using playing the guitar to manage a person’s stress, enhance their memory, improve their communication and motor skills, and to help them feel more able to cope with life.”

2. It’s good for your heart

“Music therapy is widely implemented in general health care in the Netherlands, so it’s unsurprising that a group of researchers from the country set out to explore the link between music practice and blood pressure.”

3. It enhances your creativity

“Whether it’s writing original material or reworking a song for your covers band, the guitar is unlike any other instrument for unleashing your creativity. OK fine, we’ll throw piano in there too.”

4. It can future-proof your brain

“We’ve all seen those stats about brain decline in later life, but did you know that playing guitar can boost your grey matter? Early brain scan studies show that learning to play the guitar, among other musical instruments, not only increases grey matter volume in various regions of the brain, but it strengthens the long-range connections between them.”

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