7 places for a luxury vacation in Mexico

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 Mexico has always had all the elements of an upscale vacation destination: glittering white Caribbean beaches and wave-crashed Pacific shores, thriving cities, pre-Columbian ruins, world-class cuisine and an expanding selection of excellent hotels.

The opulence isn’t just for visitors, though. Mexico boasts the 15th-largest economy in the world, with an upwardly mobile moneyed class that includes the world’s fourth-richest man, corporate magnate Carlos Slim.

Even if you’re not part of Slim’s intimate posse, here’s where to go and stay in Mexico like you’re at least one of his cousins.

1. Acapulco

Acapulco’s skyscraper-lined beaches and stunning cliff-top mansions have long been the stuff of vacation legend. Sadly, its star faded in the 1980s and 1990s as younger, better-planned Mexican resorts took center stage.

Like other gracefully aging beauties, however, Acapulco has been having some work done. It’s once again filled with updated attractions, top-flight golf courses and outstanding new hotels. It’s also one of Mexico’s best deals on a five-star vacation — and, yes, Acapulco’s famed cliff divers are still an attraction.

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