7 Interesting Crowdfunded Guitar Products You Might Want to Check Out

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Putting the internet to good use and giving new dimensions to our favorite instrument.

Contrary to the popular belief, the purpose of the internet isn’t only for things like clickbait articles (like this one), blasting negative comments about people you dislike, or just the good old trolling. Besides all the shitposting and memes flying around you can actually use its power to crowdfund your own projects and have regular folks decide which products they would like to fund. Starting your own business is never easy, but using various platforms on the internet you can put your ideas out there and let the people help you achieve your dreams.

These things apply to our favorite instrument as well, and today there are numerous crowdfunded guitar products. So today, we will explore some of the new guitar related products funded through Kickstarted and Indiegogo.

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