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This is the ultimate list of easy guitar songs for the beginner. If you don’t know any chords yet, check out the basic guitar chords.

If you’re looking for guitar solos instead, hop over to: Easy Guitar Solos and How To Play Them.

There are literally thousands of easy guitar songs out there, but we feel like we got you covered with a solid base of songs that should keep you busy for a long time.

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How to Use this List

The best way to learn guitar is learn the songs you love. When you see a song you like, click on it to open a new tab that contains the song’s video lesson, lyrics and chords all in one page.

Easy Guitar Songs with Only Open Chords

  1. Rewrite the Stars – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
  2. Havana – Camila Cabello
  3. Reckless Love – Cory Asbury
  4. Wild Thing – The Troggs
  5. Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
  6. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
  7. Ho Hey – The Lumineers
  8. Viva la Vida – Coldplay
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