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Which is the best acoustic cutaway guitar brand? Whether you are in the market for your first or subsequent 6 string acoustic guitar, you have to be aware of several things. This article focuses on six highly respected brands. Each has the qualities you should look for when selecting the best cutaway acoustic guitar to suit your needs.

Obviously, your budget will dictate your choice, however an expensive acoustic guitar brand is not necessarily a better choice. Each one of these is a great acoustic guitar for beginners or experienced players and have a warm resonance and a full sound. In general cutaways, with the scoop cut out are a favored shape for those who would like to get up high into the frets. This allows your fingers easier access to the frets close to the sound hole.

Each guitar on the list will have different free inclusions provided by the manufacturer or retailer. Some retailers include a cutaway guitar case, however with others it is sold separately. All the guitars on this list are wooden, but can be solid wood or laminate, with laminate being generally a cheaper choice. You may need to choose a laminate acoustic guitar because solid wood is heavier. You may want a lighter guitar for shipping costs and easy transportation.

As experts in helping customers find the best acoustic guitar models for their needs, we have compiled this list as each one is a noble contender for the title of best cutaway acoustic guitar.

1. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Takamine’s Jasmine S34C Nex, provides an example of one of the best acoustic guitar for the money. However, it definitely does not sound or play like a budget guitar. This is one of the steel string guitars that is a dual-purpose acoustic electric guitar, as there are aftermarket kits available. It is however a priced at an entry point, which you can also bundle with a great value starter pack. It provides any beginner guitarist everything he or she will need.

For the price, the Jasmine S34C Nex provides an excellent sounding, resonant guitar with no flat spots, which is very encouraging when you are learning. It is characterized as a great all-round choice in the category of best playability acoustic guitar, perfect for beginner and expert player, for a wide range of purposes, from private lessons and recreation to gigs and studio recording.

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