5 Alternative Guitar Mic’ing Techniques That Can Capture Extraordinary Tones

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The electric guitar is one of the most versatile instruments ever made. Originally introduced in the early 1930s, electric guitars haven’t changed that much over the years—and in recent decades, neither has the approach to recording them. The basics of recording an electric guitar are probably already familiar to you:

  • Move the mic toward the center of the cone for a more aggressive tone
  • Move the mic toward the edge of the cone for a more mellow tone
  • Move the mic closer to the amp for more amp and less room
  • Move the mic further away from the amp for a more diffused tone
  • Place the mic on-axis for more clarity and detail
  • Place the mic off-axis for more airy, room tone
  • Use two different mics to blend contrasting tones

Although these techniques are tried-and-true, there are plenty of creative ways to capture unique guitar tones that will make your records stand out. Check out these six alternative guitar mic’ing techniques for your next session.

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