12 Guitar-Shredding Facts About Led Zeppelin

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Down South

According to guitarist Jimmy Page—and just about anyone with a pair of ears—Zeppelin’s roots are in blues music. Blues was a significant part of their stylistic toolkit for their first album in particular and the band has actually faced lawsuits for copying a bit too much from blues artists. One notable example was co-writer Willie Dixon suing Led Zeppelin for using lyrics from his and Muddy Waters’ song “You Need Love.” As you can guess, Dixon and Waters’ lyrics were adapted for Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” resulting in a lawsuit that was settled out of court, with Dixon being listed as a co-writer on the Zeppelin track.

Go Big or Go Home

We consider a trip a pretty good one if we’ve got a semi-decent hotel room to go back to. Led Zeppelin upped the ante by renting six floors of the Continental Hyatt House in LA, now known as the Andaz. If that wasn’t enough, drummer John Bonham and tour manager Richard Cole would drive a motorcycle down the hallways. There is a reason the hotel was known as the “Riot House” during the 1970s.

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