10 questions for George Lynch: “I wasn’t wearing underwear. My guitar tech leapt into action with a roll of duct tape”

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He’s the fearsome soloist from Dokken and The Lynch Mob – but how will George Lynch handle the 10 questions we ask everyone?

1. What was your first guitar?

“It was a no-name acoustic that my father bought for me at a place called Wallich’s Music City in California. It was horrible and I think it cost $10. It was virtually unplayable! I was about 10 and I thought that the idea was to cover up the strings that you didn’t want to resonate with your left hand. I didn’t understand the concept of fretting and chording, I’d just seen pictures of people playing so I was just trying to figure out what they were doing. The first six months I struggled with that.”

2. What one guitar would you save if the building was burning?

“Probably my tiger, because it has the most longevity and history. It was the original. I slapped it together myself and a friend helped me paint it in 1978 or 79.”

3. What’s the oldest guitar you own?

That would be a ’59 Les Paul Junior. My first real decent guitar was similar to that: a ’60 Les Paul Special. That was my first real love, and it was stolen. This ’59 Junior actually reminded me of it, and a friend of mine owned it and offered to sell it to me. It definitely has a lot of magic mojo to it, it’s got 60 years of wear, smoke from bars… it’s just awesome and so I had to have it.”

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