10 Greatest Guitar Riffs Ever

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9. Ozzy Osbourne – “Diary of a Madman”

This packs a lot of punch. You know why? Because RANDY RHOADS. His axeslinging skills are legendary for a reason and this riff is one of the solid proofs that he blew everyone out of the water easily. He’s revolutionary and innovative. And it showed in “Diary of a Madman.”

It’s impressive and astonishing. Ozzy Osbourne was spot on when he said that Randy Rhoads “was a master of his art.”

“When we were working on that one, Randy came to me, ‘I’m not happy with the guitars,’ so I said to work on it until you’re happy. He’s in there for a couple of days and one day comes out with this big, shit-eating grin and goes, ‘I think I’ve got it.’ And when he played it, the hair on the back of my fucking neck stood up.” – Ozzy Osbourne

Randy was clearly a perfectionist and a musical genius. His riff for “Diary of a Madman” was one of his finest pieces. He is greatly missed.

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