10 contemporary guitar virtuosos you need to hear

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Lari Basilio

Like Mateus, Lari is also an LA-based Brazilian guitarist with a rhythmic fingerpicking/ chord based style as well as being an impressive pick-wielding rock soloist. The 30-year-old released The Sound Of My Room in 2015, an all-instrumental album that showed her impressive chops and broad compositional skills. There’s plenty of footage on social media of her playing various guitars (often Suhr).

A particular skill of Basilio’s is her slippery soul/blues phrasing that, when using fingerpicking, involves melodic string jumps that many other guitarists don’t or can’t do. For many of the new virtuoso guitarists arising via social media, chops, taste and harmony savvy are all part of the required terrain and Lari excels at them all.

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