10 contemporary guitar virtuosos you need to hear

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With the shred guitar back in production and ready to be received by young legends in the making, we list 10 talented players you should be listening to right now…


Plini Roessler-Holgate is a 26-year-old Australian guitarist who creates instrumental music that leans heavily towards prog metal. Favouring uniquely shaped Strandberg guitars with Fractal and Atomic devices for his clean and heavily distorted guitar tones, he can be both emotive with singing sustained notes and highly virtuosic with blazingly precise syncopated phrasing.

To create colour in his music, he favours odd time signatures and lots of space (he knows how effective reverb and silence can be!) to contrast with pounding drum beats and symphonic-like lead lines. With a second album due (his first was Handmade Cities) and an ever-growing fanbase, he’s definitely one to watch.

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